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September 28 2016 0Comment

8 Practical Tips before building your house

We want to share you these 8 tips before building your house, because there are a myriad of factors to take care before building what will be one of your most important acquisitions and which will spend a good part of your time, your house . Many of these factors sometimes too obvious to be…Read More→

September 28 2016 0Comment

Suitable sites for construction of a dwelling

Suitable sites for construction of a dwelling: The right place to build your house is on firm and resilient, such as conglomerate rocks(mixture of rounded stones compacted sand) soils, since they allow good behavior of the foundation. You should NEVER build on soils that are the result of accumulation ofclearing (fill or trash).

September 28 2016 0Comment

Construction Tips

Find out more! If you’re going to build, remodel or maintain your home, you can request completely free in our branches your installation manuals for different products you will serve to choose the best solution to your needs. * Remember cure your plate emptied at least five consecutive days; must remain wet to gain strength….Read More→