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    We work together as a way to create the best of us, where each professional brings expertise to get the best result that the customer needs.

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    We are here to help you from the initial stage to the final stage of construction. Our mission is to provide high quality work that meets your expectations.

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    We are a company that provides design and build for you from initial sketches to the final construction.


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  • Ana Yaneris Residence
  • Veras Sport Ranch
  • School Ramon Morel Fleury Court
  • School Ramon Morel Fleury


We are creative

As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods.

Honest and trustworthy

Our expert teams are selected specifically for each client, and are highly trained, using ingenuity to solve problems creatively.

Committed to Quality

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction is our motto.

We are always improving

We strive to meet the world’s needs today without compromising the needs of tomorrow’s world.

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Satisfied customers

I am very grateful construal S.R.L. by building my house, we got along very well from design to the end of construction, I am very satisfied with this work.

I am deeply satisfied with the work built by the company construal, S.R.L. “Veras Sport Ranch” is a fully professional quality work. I have nothing to say, what I asked was what I got. Thank you.

Thank construal S.R.L. by revisions of volumetrics and advice in the construction of the School Carmen Celia Balaguer in El Copey de Guayubin province Montecristi community in which I was a contractor in the period 2013 – 2014, gratitude is the ability demonstrated in his work and professionalism.

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